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SDAZ Main Landing Area

Latitude 32.806 Symbol for sunrise 05:50

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night jump

Longitude -111.58 Symbol for sun at noon 12:25
Elevation 1510 ft (460 m) MSL Symbol for sunset 19:00

Conditions on the Ground

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Visibility and Clouds for KCGZ on 21 at 11:56 UTC

Visibility: 10.0/16.1 (distance in mi/km)

Clouds: Sky clear below 12000/3660 (heights AGL in ft/m)

Conditions Aloft

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Information on upcoming Full Moons
over Phoenix, AZ

  Dates   Moonrise  
Apr. 26  
Apr. 25, 2021   17:43  
Apr. 26, 2021   18:55  
Apr. 27, 2021   20:10  
May 26  
May 25, 2021   18:56  
May 26, 2021   20:11  
May 27, 2021   21:23  
June 24  
June 23, 2021   18:58  
June 24, 2021   20:07  
June 25, 2021   21:08  
July 23  
July 22, 2021   18:51  
July 23, 2021   19:47  
July 24, 2021   20:34  
Aug. 22  
Aug. 21, 2021   19:08  
Aug. 22, 2021   19:44  
Aug. 23, 2021   20:15  
Sep. 20  
Sep. 19, 2021   18:15  
Sep. 20, 2021   18:44  
Sep. 21, 2021   19:12  


The AXIS Tool

Conditions at Skydive Arizona

consists of three sections:

1) Location Data:
The geografic coordinates and the field elevation of Sykdive Arizona together with apparent sunrise, solar noon, and apparent sunset.

2) On the Ground:
The conditions on the ground provide information on temperature, wind direction and wind speed. Two additional calculations provide information on the density altitude and (if temperatures are above 80°F) the heat index.
Wind gusts of less than 1.5mph above wind speed are displayed as 'insignificant'.
No live data! Data will only be collected at the maximum rate of 60 times per hour and only as long as this page is used by one or more visitors. A page refresh will not change this.
Do not use this page at all, if wind conditions are volatile.

3) Aloft:
The conditions aloft provide information on ceiling and clouds as well as a table with information on wind direction, wind speed, temperature and wind chill at differnt altitudes. The wind chill will only be calculated for temperatures below 50°F and wind speeds above 3 mph.

The two green rows show the closest available data for hop and pop (˜5,000ft) and high altitude exits (˜13,000ft).

Systems of Measurements

USCS = United States Customary System

A system of measurement units commonly used in the United States.

SI = International System of Units

The International System of Units (SI, abbreviated from the French Système international (d'unités)) is the modern form of the metric system, and is the most widely used system of measurement.

Data Sources

If available for the area around Eloy Municipal airport, we use weather data provided by (for winds aloft; read their disclaimer) and (for conditions on the ground; read their disclaimer).

We also started experimenting with using weather data for conditions on the ground from AXIS' own PWS, as provided through

Logo of Wunderground (data host of weather station data) (read their privacy policy)